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Old Live Oak Books is dedicated to the dissemination of science, knowledge and understanding that leads to the optimization of organizations, projects, and people. We chose the metaphor of “old live oak” because these trees often thrive for centuries, and do so through a solid and resilient core, while at the same time containing supple and flexible branches. ¬†The company develops and is the exclusive publisher of Dave Guerra’s breakthrough Superperformance Series, which includes the bestseller Superperformance, The Superperforming CEO, the upcoming Superperformance in Oil & Gas, as well as new book projects which¬†explore the science of superperformance and investigate the pattern in other areas.


From organization to individual, we are passionate about providing the best literature, professional essays, and reference material to anyone interested to achieve and sustain superperforming results.


In the last several years, Old Live Oak Books has evolved dramatically, significantly accelerating development and marketing efforts to meet the increasingly diverse Superperformance learning needs of our community. We are also working ahead of the technological curve by making every new title available as an eBook for Kindle and eventually major e-readers and library platforms, and launching an aggressive digital product development program.


Look for a continuing stream of Superperformance-based books, workbooks, assessment and application tools, as we drive to fulfill our mission to evangelize knowledge of this amazing phenomenon and its universality to every corner of the planet. Our goal is to help everyone we touch transform their organizations, projects, and lives into unprecedented and previously unimaginable steady states of excellence, achievement, adventure, and personal fulfillment.


Thanks for visiting us today. Please let us know any stories or ideas you may have that can guide us to be even better promulgators and stewards of this profound knowledge, as well as any recommendations for how we can better serve you and your fellow community members.